New sewer screening technology Prior to a flood or a wet weather event, the Sewer Manhole Filter (Sewer Safe) Model A is assembled and then installed inside the coping ring of the manhole that always overflows. CONTACT US Prevent Solids Overflowing Sewer Safe prevents solids, debris, non flushables and paper from escaping the manhole. CONTACT US The Sewer Manhole Filter Retains All The Solids Paper, solids and other debris is retained in the filter, allowing just the water to escape. CONTACT US Cut the cost of cleanups Sewer Safe prevents incidents like this, and reduces the massive cost of cleanup efforts. CONTACT US

Sewer Safe Solves the Problem of Solid Effluent Overflow In Wet Weather Events

Saves time and money by minimising cleanups

All Water Authorities and Councils world wide are affected by sewage spills resulting from cyclones, hurricanes and wet weather events. The locations of these spills tend to be well known to the cities and authorities, and their clean up operations can run to several thousands for each “hot spot”.

Increasing environmental awareness will mean the environmental protection agency and community groups will want better control of spills, and a speedier response to cleanup situations if they should occur.

Sewer Safe represents perhaps the only solution of its kind in the world, designed to minimise the escape of solids and paper from manhole overflow situations.

Easy Assembly, Easy Disassembly, Easy Clean, Storage and Transport.

Prevents Unsightly Spills of Solids and Paper Debris from Manholes.

Reduces Health, Aesthetic and Smell Related Community Complaints.

Saves Time & Money In Cleanup Operations with No Tankers or Vacuum Trucks Required.

Improved Public Safety Benefits with Solids and Debris retained.

Massive Cost Savings to Water Utilities & Councils, Paying for Itself In the First Year.

Improves Quality System Compliance and Reduces Risk of EPA Fines.

Fast Assembly & Disassembly, Compact Size for Transport & Storage.

Robust Construction with HDPE Components, Designed to Last Decades.

Reduces Pollution to the Environment and Flow onto Waterways.