Sewer ConX- ID Coupling

Sewer ConX ID Coupling ends disputes over maintenance responsibilities, saving time and money for both Water Utilities and Property Owners.

If Water Utilities were to install Sewer ConX on new sewer connections and sewer repairs, this would take all the confusion out of who is responsible for what.

The typical connection is not typical at all in reality. Some sewer connections can have up to 3 inspection openings and junctions installed. This makes it confusing for utility workers, private plumbers and home owners to identify and determine who is responsible for blockages or repairs. This issue occurs on a daily basis and is a massive cost to Water Utilities.

An ID coupling takes all the confusion out of it and is so simple to install. Sewer ConX ID Coupling has an unmistakable identification mark marked inside and outside the junction.

Sewer ConX ID Coupling
Adds Certainty to Infrastructure Boundary Locations.

Low Cost Addition to Current Practices, with the potential to become mandatory in New Development Work & Repairs of Existing Pipework.

Benefits Both Land Owners and Water Authorities.